steady state. n. Physics. A stable condition that does not change over time or in which change in one direction is continually balanced by change in another.

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Seeking New Partners to Join Steady State

We welcome new partners to join Steady State in making new and existing structures as efficient s possible.


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Passive House California – Silicon Valley

PHCA-SV invites you to an introduction to passive house and the recognition of the fine home building home of the year right here in Santa Cruz.

2012 Fine Homebuilding Home of the Year


While not a passive house, this is a great project and deserves some recognition. Come learn about it and enjoy the local brew this Saturday July 21st at 303 Potrero s Santa Cruz..



At 3:00 we will be giving an introduction to the passive house building standards and the tools used to reach the standard.


Passive House is the highest standard of building efficiency in the world. The system is over 20 years old and tens of thousands are on the ground around the world with fantastically energy usage numbers for heating and cooling.


At about 4:00 we will be talking about the santa cruz project with Local Santa Cruz builder, Marc Susskind and looking at the innovative approach of the architecture firm Arkin Tilt.


In the passive house tradition, we will hold the meeting in a brewing establishment.


The meeting is free to passive house California members and 10.00 to the general public at the door.

Come learn about the most efficient buildings in the world and enjoy a beer and other like minded building professionals. Come learn what your house could be.

You can join PHCA and select the silicon valley chapter at


Thanks, David and the PHCASV

Please rsvp if you can by Saturday noon so we can set up. Feel free to come if you don’t

Upcoming Finance Workshop

Steady State will be offering a new workshop on financing and appraising strategies to help measure the cost savings and added value of the assets. Anyone is welcome, but seating is limited so please RSVP as soon as possible. Dates and times will follow.

Steady State Welcomes You to Its New Website!

Steady State is online with a new website. The consulting firm hopes prospective clients will explore the full range of services online, and invites them to contact Steady State directly via the site.

Santa Cruz event