steady state. n. Physics. A stable condition that does not change over time or in which change in one direction is continually balanced by change in another.

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Seeking New Partners to Join Steady State

We welcome new partners to join Steady State in making new and existing structures as efficient s possible.


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The Passive House Building Standards


We believe the Passive House Standards are the best model for building optimization.


There are over 20 years of implemented study and improvement of project performance and design principal.


There are thousands of Passive House projects built and performing at an incredable level.


Many of the high performing building systems available today have been driven to their level of excellence by this demanding system.


The standards have forced manufacturers to strive for excellence and find new ways to approach building science questions.


There are ongoing studies and product development to further refine what is possible for the best possible comfort, health, and energy savings to improve peoples lives.


Contact us to learn about this fantastic energy modeling service.