steady state. n. Physics. A stable condition that does not change over time or in which change in one direction is continually balanced by change in another.

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Seeking New Partners to Join Steady State

We welcome new partners to join Steady State in making new and existing structures as efficient s possible.


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We offer services at all levels of project design to companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. Some of our important services areas are listed below.


Architects; working with the best deigners to ensure that their spacial ideas are implemented to their clients for maximum performance.


Contractors; designing and implementing integrated building systems with material expertise and product knowledge and installation expertise assuring their clients get the most out of their projects. 


Owners; providing owners with a full service design approach that guides and educates them and their contractor through the design/build process with value engineering and worker guidance.


Developers; beginning with design consulting and education to product certification ensuring project performance throughout the building process. Seeking partners to facilitate high performance buildings with. 


Suppliers; product expertise and development ensuring assembly improvement for building product procurement. 

System integration


Mixing insulation and air barrier expertise with maximised window design and comfort ventilation delivery, and weighing the performance factors against climatic,  site specific conditions, allows us to deliver to you the highest performing building standard with very little energy input during all seasons.


Assembly Design

We will design thermal bridge free assemblies that will minimize heat losses around the thermal envelope.

Assembly Analysis

Or we can run two dimensional thermal bridge assembly alalysis and and tell you how much heat can transfer through your designs and around the thermal envelope.


We can also run assembly material moisture movement studies showing assembly drying potential and assisting in decisions for directional drying and durability.